Nocodify for Business

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growth and development with dedicated trainings to build apps, dashboards, and internal tools without code.

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Why Nocodify for business

Build a future-ready workforce

  • 1
    Dedicated business/organization dashboard for all members
  • 2
    In-depth tutorials and guides for your members to go from beginner to expert in no-code development
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    Gamified rankings & experience to keep learning competitive and fun
Common Questions

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When are you launching?
We are looking to have a small beta launch with a small group of organizations in February of 2023. Send us an inquiry to be included.
What's your business pricing?
Nocodify for business will be charged on a per seat basis.
Why is this valuable?
We help to empower your employees to build apps, internal tools, and dashboards without code. Think how powerful it will be when every team member has the capacity to build apps - without the need of external contractors.
Can I monitor progress?
Yes. As an admin, you'll have complete access to detailed reports and analytics for every member of your organization.
Who from my organization should join?
Anyone from your organization that you feel would benefit from learning no-code. Beginners welcome.
Why Nocodify for Business over individual plans?
Business accounts allow organization members to be included together and are discounted on a per-member basis. Group classes are also offered for business accounts.

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