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 Book 1-on-1 sessions with our no-code experts and get help fast.

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How Sessions Work

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    Purchase one or more sessions through our platform
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    Book calls as needed. Use them in a week, in a month, it's up to you. Sessions never expire.
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    Hop on a screen-share call with us. We'll work on your app, together.


Common Questions

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Why do I need a session?
Every app is different. Situations arise and it's great to have an expert in your back pocket for on-demand help.
What's a typical session like?
We either help implement features, fix issues, or provide general advice for application development.
Why purchase in bulk?
Pay once, and use hours as needed, sessions never expire. You'll also receive a discounted rate for bulk hours.
Anything you don't cover?
We do not cover API implementation, as every API is unique. Please note this when booking with us.
What if we can't fix the issue?
Though extremely rare, we are happy to provide a refund if a reasonable workaround or solution cannot be found.
What do I need to prepare?
We run all sessions on Zoom or Google Meets. Have an account ready. It's completely free and easy to join.