We're joining Keyskillset

We are really excited to announce that Nocodify has been acquired by Keyskillset, joining forces to expand our mission to unlock online learning for web app development.

Background of Keyskillset

Keyskillset, an online learning platform specializing in a wide array of educational content such as Microsoft suite, accounting and finance, and programming languages, is a leader in this field with over 200,000 clients in 168 countries.

By focusing on hands-on learning, Keyskillset has managed to perfect the online learning experience with their 96% customer satisfaction rating.

With Nocodify being an online learning platform for no-code web development, we think this partnership and acquisition is the perfect fit.

Why this acquisition makes sense

Having been founded in 2019, Nocodify has been instrumental to over 5,000 community members in learning no-code app development.

Our mission stays the same - letting non-technical founders build businesses and apps without code.

We believe this partnership will further strengthen our mission by joining resources and expanding our content to other countries and localities, using Keyskillset's expertise and resources. Nocodify will leverage Keyskillset's intellectual property and inbuilt assessments through video based learning.

What this means for our current and future members

In short, nothing but good news!

We will continue operating as is, however we now have more resources to bring you quality content and other exciting features.

We are extremely excited in our future products and are looking forward to share more information on what's coming next. Together with Keyskillset, we are looking to bring no-code to new heights and expand the maker community.

We'd like to thank our community of over 5,000 members in being so instrumental to our mission. We've worked with hundreds of you on your no-code apps and are looking forward to bringing more members to our wonderful community.