Stripe Payments Review - Make and Accept Payments Without Code

When you're building an app, you'll want to make sure you integrate online payments and credit card processing. There's an abundance of service providers for payments, but which is the best? We typically always recommend Stripe for any transaction, billing, and payment gateway. In this post, we'll review Stripe checkout and the payment platform.

Online payments without code - Stripe & PayPal payments

For any app built without code using Bubble, developers need to incorporate a way to accept payments with a reputable payment platform.

The great thing about Stripe is that you can create a checkout page and have customers pay with various payment methods, all without having to write code.

PayPal also offers payments, which is great for international countries that do not offer Stripe. However with that said, Stripe is the clear winner for a good credit card processor and payment page.

We recommend Stripe over PayPal
We recommend Stripe over PayPal

Getting started with Stripe integration

To get started, all you'll need to do is create your Stripe account, add Bubble's Stripe plugin, and insert your API keys.

For any online business, setting up a Stripe account should take no more than 15-20 minutes.

You'll need to insert your business model, details, bank account to receive payouts, and other tax information.

Once your Stripe account is verified, you'll be able to easily integrate with Stripe's API - using Bubble's API connector without code.

Getting started with Stripe

Stripe services

With Stripe, you have several services you can add to your web or mobile apps.

For example, you can add Stripe checkout, which is a dedicated Stripe-hosted checkout page. There's no need to build any UI, credit card processing/input forms, and payment verification. Stripe handles it all for you!

Stripe offers the ability to take one off or subscription payments. The link your customers use to access Stripe checkout is simply checkout.stripe.com, however you have the ability to pay a monthly fee to have the link be a custom domain.

Separately from Stripe checkout, you can create your own dedicated checkout page using Stripe as your backend payment processor.

This means that you can build your own dedicated payment page for your users. Customers pay on your app or website and never need to see that Stripe is your processor.

Using Stripe's checkout page
Using Stripe's checkout page

Payment page using Stripe

When you want total control of your checkout experience, Stripe offers you the ability to build your own page on your website or app.

Instead of using a checkout link, a customer would simply insert their payment methods on your website, which get saved to the specific customer. Afterwards, you would simply build a custom UI to pay a fee or subscription from the customers.

Using Stripe as a payment platform is extremely powerful, and is a clear advantage over the other payment platforms out there.

Build your own checkout experience using Stripe
Build your own checkout experience using Stripe

Using discounts for payments

Whether you choose the no-code checkout experience or build your own custom checkout page, you are welcome to also incorporate promotions and discounts for customers of your business.

Stripe allows customers to insert a code during checkout, providing them a discount on their payment on either a one-off or subscription. No form is needed on your UI.

There's no extra integration needed for discounts. It's simply an option you enable on your Stripe dashboard.

Accept discounts and promotion codes with Stripe
Accept discounts and promotion codes with Stripe

Using trials for subscriptions

With Stripe, you can easily provide free trials for your business or app to a customer.

Again, a simple option you enable on your Stripe dashboard. During the checkout process, you can insert the trial period in the API call. A customer would already insert their payment method, which you in turn create a subscription and charge them after the trial period ends.

Using trials for subscriptions in your app
Using trials for subscriptions in your app

Stripe review - pricing

As the leading payment processor, Stripe has competitive pricing for any business.

There's no monthly fee or price to use Stripe for payments. The only time your business will be paying Stripe is when you as a business receive money from a customer.

Stripe charges on a per transaction level, meaning every time you accept a payment or funds from a customer, Stripe will take a fee.

For all the features and tools that Stripe provides, we firmly believe that Stripe is the best when it comes to payment platforms.

Stripe's flat pricing
Stripe's flat pricing

Stripe payout and currencies

With Stripe, you are able to accept almost every currency. As long as your country is available for Stripe, you can accept your local or other currency. Whether for your website, app, ecommerce, or other businesses.

Funds are sent on a rolling basis to your bank account, typically every day.

An example of payouts in Stripe
An example of payouts in Stripe

Automate Stripe payments

It's extremely simple to automate payments for your businesses using Stripe, all without any code needed.

First, you can decide to either use the checkout page Stripe offers or create your own dedicated checkout page. Next, you set up products or subscriptions for your company or app. This way, you allow access to sales for products on your company.

The integration is super simple and free with Stripe. Regardless of the platform you are building, Stripe has all the tools and resources you and your developers need to integrate.

To automate payment processing, you would incorporate Webhooks, which notify your app whenever an event occurs.

Use Stripe webhooks for events and notifications
Use Stripe webhooks for events and notifications

Stripe service - Webhooks

Webhooks are extremely powerful in that you can subscribe to events that occur within Stripe, again all without any code needed.

For example, say a customers payment method has expired after five months. The next charge fails. What happens in your companies app?

If you have a charge failed webhook set up, you can have Stripe send the information to your platform, which would go ahead and update the customers plan back down to the free plan.

Webhooks are extremely powerful tools that any app or business should implement.

Stripe invoicing

With an abundance of features, say your application or company creates invoices for customers.

With Stripe, you are able to generate a link to an invoice, which can be emailed out to a customer.

No code is needed to implement this feature, meaning the development for invoicing is very simple and easy.

A Stripe invoice being sent
A Stripe invoice being sent

Stripe for marketplace payments

One of the most powerful features we haven't discussed yet is Stripe for marketplaces.

This is something that is not offered by PayPal, developers can integrate powerful marketplace features into their applications.

If you are building an e commerce platform or marketplace, you may want to have both buyers and sellers using your application.

With no code, you can create a marketplace within your site or app. Very little tech is required for integration with your developers. And with Stripe, you can customize every aspect of your marketplace.

Stripe for marketplaces
Stripe for marketplaces

Stripe documentation

For more information on Stripe for payment processing, check out the Stripe documentation to learn how companies are integrating Stripe.

We also have many courses on integrating Stripe without code for your no-code application. Lastly, we highly recommend checking out our post on how to get started with building on Bubble.

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