Why You Need Bubble.io Coaching

No matter what skill you plan on learning, chances are you will run into issues as you learn. Then, you will most likely come across the idea of hiring a coach to help assist and run coaching calls. If you're building bubble.io no-code apps, the question arises: should you hire a bubble coach to help in support and training? As no-code experts that have been building on bubble.io for many years, we highly suggest endeavoring in bubble coaching. Let's explore why.

The Process of Building a No-Code Bubble.io App

When you're new to building your business and app on bubble.io, the process and best practices of building are not so intuitive. Even so, learning how to start building on bubble.io is not straight forward. You'll get lost with learning the bubble navigator, editor, databases, workflows, and more. We won't lie - the learning curve is high for building on bubble software. Your performance and efficiency may struggle. With that said, however, we highly suggest building on Bubble. Here's why.

When you're ready to start building your no-code bubble app, you'll need to focus on and develop:

  1. Your prototype and mocked up UI Designs
  2. Your no-code bubble app's database
  3. Your application's UI
  4. Workflows and app logic
  5. Backend workflows and automations
  6. ..and more!

Now, we're almost certain that one of these high-level areas will get you caught up and stuck. Without a Bubble coach, you have two options:

  1. Spend time sourcing forums and the Internet to access the answers to your issues
  2. Spend time with trial and erroring your way to a workaround or solution

Or - you can simply hire a bubble coach to host a coaching call and get you past your issue fast. Let's explore the benefits on using coaching apps or a bubble coach.

Save Time with Bubble coaching

When you hire coaches for Bubble.io, you'll have a dedicated expert in your back pocket for all things good practice and development.

The best part about having a Bubble coach is the ability to quickly host a coaching session when you need it, on demand. You can continue building out your business model and app and only when needed should you book your next video coaching session.

So, with video coaching, you'll be erasing the time spent on looking for answers online in various places across the internet as well as the time spent on trial and error implementing the potential solutions.

At the end of the day, your time is the most valuable tool you have. Instead of spending your time looking for answers online, you can simply book sessions with a coach, get your questions or issues answered, and then proceed to continue building your app.

Coaching sessions drastically increase your app and businesses time to market and your overall performance as a founder.

Bubble Coaching in your Back Pocket

As you build your no-code apps with Bubble.io, having sessions with an expert also helps in teaching you best practices.

Not only will you learn how to get past your issues quickly, your Bubble.io expert will also provide you with the knowledge you need to build your no-code Bubble application correctly - with scale, optimization, and speed in mind.

Additionally, as you have more and more sessions with a Bubble expert, they will start to learn and understand your business and app, allowing you to quickly pick up speed as you both build together. Your expert will be able to suggest other tools to look at, implement, or even challenges that you may face in the future.

Think of your no-code Bubble expert as your development and support mentor. You should be using them for more than just simple answers to your app issues.

Bubble Limitations - Is Bubble a Good Fit For Your App Idea?

While no-code platforms are powerful in 2023, there are certainly limitations for what apps you can and cannot build.

At this point in time, Bubble.io can handle most applications except for games and algorithmic social networks. Building a social network for users is totally fine, however including an intense algorithm in the social feed can be challenging.

Your best bet to understand Bubble's limitations and whether or not Bubble is a good fit for your app is by booking a session with a Bubble expert or enrolling in a program or Bubble.io courses.

We at Nocodify offer expert Bubble.io sessions and coaching. Feel free to book a session with us if you are interested in learning the limitations or getting general advice for your app idea. Whenever you book more sessions with us, we make sure to schedule and assign the same Bubble.io expert, so that you can quickly pick up where you left off in future sessions.

We have worked with over 300 clients and over 1,000 hours working on and advising our services for no-code apps.

Schedule sessions with our no-code experts at nocodify.com

Bubble Coaching Sessions for Teams

While video coaching for Bubble.io is great for individuals, we and other no-code experts offer coaching calls for your team as well. We are happy to host sessions where we build apps together and train your members or organization.

In an ideal world, every person in your organization should learn and understand how to use Bubble.io and other no-code tools. We highly recommend scheduling no-code experts to train your organization and team on how to build no-code apps.

Book team coaching for your organization or community with our no-code bubble experts.

Get Started With Bubble.io Coaching Today

We can't understate how helpful a coach is when building no-code apps. Coaches can help you with development, best practices and insights, and better yet, provide an example of specific implementations they have seen or done with other no-code apps. Book a call with us today to get started with your no-code app development.

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January 4, 2023
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